In this day and age, leading a busy lifestyle can take its toll on our skin. Simple changes to your daily routine such as using sun protection can make all the difference in the effects of the aging process on your skin.

We understand how hard it can be to stick to a good skin care routine in between everything else on your to do list. So, with the help of our specialists from Ubika Spa we have put together some great tips along with our favourite products that are simple and easy to use and will keep your skin healthy and glowing for years to come.

Here are the top three items you should be using daily:

1) Sun Protection (SPF)

Why? SPF is the key to preventing brown facial spots and discolouration of the skin. It fights to help reduce the appearance of red veins and blotchiness on the face and also delays the onset of prematurely ageing skin. So next time you are out and about don’t forget to slip slop and slip to protect your beautiful skin.

Payot SPF 50+

This is our favourite all year round product, not only does it protect our skin and hair from harmful UV rays, salt and chlorine but it’s also a non-greasy, anti-ageing oil that helps us achieve a beautiful safe tan.

2) Moisturiser

Why? To help repair, rehydrate and re-stimulate the skin. The effects that a poor diet, stressful lifestyle, the weather and pollution can have on your skin all include dehydration and premature ageing. Applying a moisturiser daily, and making it apart of your routine, will help improve the circulation of blood to the body and boost your collagen levels. Leading to a decrease in the amount of wrinkles and fine lines you see on your body.

Eminence Firm Skin Acai Moisturiser

86% of users reported an improvement in skin elasticity in just 14 days. This is our most popular Eminence moisturiser; it contains rich shea butter and skin-plumping botanical hyaluronic acid. It will leave your skin looking and feeling younger.

3) Cleanser

Why? To remove the dirt, left-over make-up, bacteria and dead skin cells. After your skin will feel clean and fresh. By adding cleansing to your daily beauty regiment, you’re allowing your skin to get the maximum benefits from other products whilst also restoring your skin’s natural oils.

Mineral Cleansing Concentrate

This foaming gel contains mineral elements and lavender oil which is calming and great for those with sensitive skin. It deeply cleanses oily and dehydrated skin and helps prevent acne, making it the perfect cleanser for everyone.

We recommend you always consult a professional prior to trying any new products. Learn more about Ubika Spa or book a consultation with one of our specialists.