Do you have a wedding anniversary coming up? And want a bit of inspiration on what you should buy for your partner? Well, we have all been there, scrolling through different sites, looking for something unique, but struggling to find the perfect gift that ticks all the boxes. 
If you are finding it hard to settle on an anniversary gift, a great way to get some inspiration is to go back to tradition! Here are some traditional wedding anniversary gifts by years spent together. 

Where did the Tradition of Anniversary Gifts Start?

Giving wedding anniversary gifts goes all the way back to the 15th century. Emily Post, an American writer, was the first to create a list of anniversary themes that included the first year and every five-year milestone, all the way to sixty years. 

To this day, the heritage of anniversary gifts has evolved, giving you so many possibilities; you can choose from traditional or more contemporary wedding gifts, and if you really want to celebrate a significant milestone each year is also associated with a colour, flower, and gemstone. 

For a touch of refinement and elegance for your next anniversary, you can’t go wrong with embracing a bit of tradition. So, here we have put together a list of the traditional wedding anniversary gift themes by year.

Year One

Traditionally, first-year anniversary gifts are themed around paper. Symbolising the relationship as pure, representing the newness of marriage and the unwritten journey you and your partner are embarking on. 

Some anniversary gifts for inspiration for this theme are: 

  • A life Journal with blank pages to document the years to come
  • Books that have special meaning to you and your partner
  • A printed and framed copy of your vows
  • A handwritten love letter 
  • Hand made origami
  • Something you can do together, such as the Adventure challenge Book

handwritten-love-letter-on paper

Year Two

The second year’s traditional wedding anniversary gift is cotton, representing the weaving of two separate lives and two unique individuals coming together to create something new. 

Here are some suggestions for this year’s gift: 

  • Luxury bed linens
  • A plush bathrobe or gown
  • An embossed Pillow or other plush household item
  • Handmade quilt


Year Three

The third year’s theme is leather, reflecting the growing strength of your relationship as you weather the challenges of life together, showing your loved one that your love has only strengthened over time.  

  • A leather-bound journal or other handmade leather book 
  • A luxury leather travel set or Bag
  • That leather jacket they’ve had their eye on
  • A leather photo book filled with the memories you have created together


Year Four

The fourth year’s theme is all about flowers or fruit, representing the relationship maturing and ripening. Here are a few ideas of what to get your partner to signify your blossoming love for each over:

  • Flowers in a crystal vase 
  • Re-create your wedding bouquet 
  • A fruit tree to plant in the backyard
  • A quality floral perfume
  • Floral scented candles 

Year Five

With your relationship growing stronger as the years go by, traditionally, the fifth year is represented by wood, symbolising strength and durability. For this year, you can get really creative, so use these ideas as inspiration and come up with something special. 

  • Build a shed, pergola, or deck you can both enjoy and think of each other every time you use it 
  • Frame a favourite picture in a hand made wooden frame
  • Make your partner a wooden breakfast tray
  • A unique piece of furniture for the house
  • An ornamental chess set or wine rack 


Year Ten

The traditional wedding anniversary gift for the tenth year is tin or aluminium, reflecting strength and endurance. After ten years, tin and aluminium will still be strong, just like your marriage. Here are some suggestions for this year: 

  • Get something for the garden, a sundial or birdbath
  • something for the kitchen such as cookware
  • Rent a caravan and go on an adventure together
  • An engraved bowl for their keys

The Big Anniversaries 

Once you’ve made it past ten years, you’ll really have something to celebrate. Congratulations! Here are some traditional gifts for the big milestone wedding anniversaries:  

  • 15th year: crystal, you can buy a crystal sculpture or piece of jewellery 
  • 20th year: china, pick out a nice set of dinner or tea wear
  • 25th year: silver, jewellery is the go-to or you can get a vintage pen
  • 30th year: pearl, you can get some jewellery, or even look for gifts with mother of pearl inlay 
  • 40th year: rubies, you can go with jewellery or even a really nice bottle of red wine
  • 50th year: gold, this could be; a gold watch, some jewellery, or a presents wrapped in gold paper 
  • 60th year: diamond, for the big one 

The Takeaway 

A wedding anniversary is a joyous time, so know that whatever you get your partner, they will love you for it, and the time you spend together will mean more than anything else.

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