Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley is 542 tonnes lighter

For 23 years, Planet Ark have been educating Australians on the environmental benefits of recycling through their annual Recycling Week Campaign. Now a fixture in Aussie culture, the week reflects the desire of everyday Australians to do their bit for the planet and here at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley we’re no exception.

As a premier holiday resort in the heart of the Hunter, we acknowledge our responsibility to respect the environment and are excited to share some of the new and innovative ways we’ve developed to manage our environmental impact.

Co-mingling Recycling

We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated teams, more than 77 per cent or 542.57 tonnes of our waste is now recycled.

From repurposing cardboard and glass to collecting and recycling excess kitchen oil and grease, we’ve worked with a series of local companies to ensure that our waste is disposed of responsibly.

Solar Farm and Energy Consumption

A resort powered by renewable energy? Now that’s a bright idea. Thanks to the launch of the Schwartz Family Company’s massive Hunter Valley solar farm, Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley will see 13,350 solar panels power our resort facilities and reduce our carbon footprint.

This fantastic initiative is the work of Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley Owner and Co-founder of the World Green Council, Dr Jerry Schwartz, and will reduce up to 7,811,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We’ve also drastically reduced our power consumption by switching our lighting system to low power LED, using gas fire co-generation units to power and heat our services, installing energy efficient air-conditioning units and more!

Paper Straws, Reusable Bottles and More!

Single use plastics? No thank you. Statistics show that Aussie’s use an estimated 10m plastic straws a day. But we don’t need numbers to know that plastic straws are a problem. Here at the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley we’ve transitioned to providing only paper straws and minimised our reliance on plastic water bottles.

Our kitchen teams utilise reusable herb punnets and food tubs for the delivery of fresh food produce, and our seafood delivery tubs, which cannot be reused, are regenerated into string. All cardboard and glass is processed in the respective compactors, sorted, reduced and then removed from the site to be recycled. In addition the excess oil and grease from the kitchen is collected in large containers and also recycled through a local company.

Honey Onsite

Now here’s some sweet news. We’ve drastically cut down on our transport emissions by producing our own honey, right here on our Resort grounds.

Local Suppliers

Buy local, shop local. Here at the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, our local produce suppliers are all sourced within a 100km radius. Not only does this help benefit our local community, but also greatly reduces our transport emissions.

IHG Green Engage Solutions and Rewards

Every little bit helps. Working in conjunction with IHG’s Green Engage program, we’ve commenced an initiative which enables our guests to contribute towards a green environment.

Guests who choose to participate in our “Room No Service” green initiative can now receive an extra 500 IHG Reward Club points.

In addition, we’ve added new procedures for our resort including; participating in the Return and Earn program, and donating the proceeds, partnering with Winnow to manage food wastage, removing disposable takeaway cups from our staff areas, and replacing all conference jelly beans packaging with 100% eco-friendly plastic.