The COVID19 pandemic has certainly changed many things in our everyday lives, from the way we work to how we celebrate important milestones. To slow down the transmission of the virus, some of us had to move social and family gatherings to another schedule, switch to a virtual setting – or cancel them altogether.

With comprehensive safety protocols in place, events and activities may now be held safely in venues such as hotels and resorts. If you are planning to celebrate a special occasion, family gathering or host a corporate event, Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley is ready to welcome you.

Hunter Valley Kids Party Venue

A great party begins with the right venue. Choosing the right venue is a vital part of event planning because it has a large impact on setting the tone and creating a pleasant experience for your guests.

Factors such as ambience, venue layout, seating capacity, catering options, parking slots, and other equipment, services and amenities all depend on the venue that you select. Party themes, decorations and travel arrangements are also contingent on your choice of venue.

If you’re hosting a kid’s party, you may also want to consider a location which offers activities for children to enjoy before, during or after the party.

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Why Kid’s Parties are Important?

Social functions for kids, such as reunion parties, sporting events and holiday celebrations are important. These are part of teaching them the value of celebrations, igniting social interaction and strengthening bonds with family and friends. Celebrations are fun and exciting – and amidst the current pandemic, kids’ parties are a great way to keep the joy alive.

What Are Some Fun Kiddie Games?

If you want to add laughter and excitement to your kid’s party, you can’t go wrong with playing a few party games. Here are some fun party games that kids (even adults can join in!) can play while practising social distancing.

Egg Toss

Pair up players and have them toss an egg back and forth. Every time both players catch the egg, they will step backwards and continue tossing the egg. The pair which tosses and catches the egg with the furthest distance wins. Raw eggs can be messy (though they are more fun to watch), so make sure you use hard-boiled eggs.

Balloon Burst Relay

Write challenges on small sheets of paper and insert them into balloons before inflating them. Form two teams of five players each (the number of teams and players may be adjusted depending on how many kids are participating). Each team forms a line and passes the balloon until it reaches the player at the end of the line, who will burst the balloon and perform the challenge inside that balloon. The team that completes the relay first wins the game.

Grandma’s Footsteps

Appoint a grandma (or grandpa) who will stand at one side of the room with their back on the rest of the kids. From the other side of the room, the other participants will have to move, walk or sneak up on grandma. When the grandma turns around at any point, the players have to freeze. Those caught moving will be out of the game or sent back to the opposite side.

Sleeping Lions

This game will help kids wind down and relax after a tiring, but fun day. Instruct kids to lie down on the floor in a sleeping position and be still at all times. Have a designated “hunter” – maybe the host or another kid – go around the room while telling jokes, making funny noises or doing anything that will make the children laugh or move. If any of the sleeping lions move, they are out of the game. The last child still on the floor is the winner.

How to Make a Kid’s Party More Fun?

You can make a kid’s party more fun by adding in activities such as cookie decorating, face painting or origami-making. A photo booth also is a must-have in any kid’s party.

Instead of printing photos on photo paper, you can have your supplier print them on souvenir items like mugs, tees, keychains or pillows. Also, prepare goodie bags filled with candy, small toys and other knick-knacks to be given to the kids at the end of the party.


How Long Should a Kids Party Last?

There’s no hard and fast rule on how long kid’s parties should last. But, if you’re renting out a function room, most venues let you use the area for about three hours. This amount of time is usually enough to include games, snacks and other activities that you plan on having.

Why Choose Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley for a Kid’s Party?

For a fun and memorable experience, book your kid’s party at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley. Our family-friendly hotel and resort offers indoor and outdoor activities and facilities children can enjoy before or after the party.

Birthday Party Venue

Birthdays are more than the just passing of another year. Celebrating birthdays is a growth-enhancing experience and seeing loved ones gather in one place is all about creating memories to last a lifetime.

What to Look for in a Birthday Party Venue

Birthday parties are a big deal. If your little one is looking forward to a fun-filled birthday bash, hosting a memorable party can be a challenge, especially if you’re planning it on your own. With social distancing measures to observe and the added pressure of explaining how dangerous coronavirus can be, you might find yourself disappointed.

To ease your worries with party planning, search for a venue which covers everything you need, from catering and clean-up services to decorating the venue, providing audio-visual equipment and even mascot meet-and-greets.

What Are Great Party Themes for Kids Birthdays?

Superhero, Harry Potter, candy and chocolates, mermaid, unicorn or fairy tale themed parties are always a hit. But, to make sure that your child enjoys their birthday party, asking what theme they prefer is the safest option. If your selected venue provides a set of themes, ask your child to choose which one they like most.

What Are Great Party Themes for Adult Birthdays?

Adult birthday party themes can range from elegant and luxurious to crazy and outrageous. Below are some party themes that will make adult birthdays extra special.

Through the Decades

A music-through-the-decades party is a fun theme which can easily evoke feelings of nostalgia. Each decade represents unique genres of music and fashions trends. Your guests can get creative, whether you choose a hippie-inspired 60’s theme, want to pull-out wigs for a 70’s party or come in brightly coloured 80’s fashion.

Hamptons Garden

A Hamptons Garden party theme is typically associated with summertime chic. Create a relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere with crisp whites and refreshing pastel colours, accompanied by show-stopping wines and cocktails and abundant platters of seafood and seasonal produce.

a bowl full of oysters to eat

Secret Agent

Bring a twist to your black-tie formal with a James Bond-themed party. Men can dress up in a tuxedo and women can glam up in a fancy cocktail dress or long gown – or vice versa. Don’t forget to whip up the vodka martinis to complete the motif.

What Are the 5 steps to Planning a Birthday Party?

Planning a birthday party can be overwhelming. To help you stay on track throughout the process, it is important to break party planning into small tasks.

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1. Set a budget

Determine how much exactly you are willing and able to spend on the birthday party. Try to set a realistic budget and stick to it as closely as you possibly can.

2. Choose the date

Try to pick a date where the majority of the people you want to invite are available. The ideal day for scheduling a party is over the weekend.

3. Pick a venue

Decide whether you want to have a party indoors or outdoors. After you have chosen the venue, you can then pick a theme and what type of foods and refreshments you want to be served at the party.

4. Create a guest list

Listing down the people you want to come to the party will make it easier not to forget anyone. Send out invitations as early as possible so your guests will be able to prepare for the upcoming event.

5. Decide on activities/entertainment

If you have a budget set aside, pick which activities you want to include for entertainment. This may include a photo booth, live band or DJ. If you’re planning a kid’s birthday party, you may also consider booking a magician, clown or face-painting.

Why Choose Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley for a Birthday Party?

For a hassle-free birthday celebration, book your birthday party at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley. Whether it’s your dad’s retirement, your kiddo’s 7th birthday, or your birthday bash, Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley will take care of everything, so all you have to do is enjoy yourself and make memories on your special day!

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Christmas Party Venue

Ask any employee which company-sponsored event they are looking forward to the most and they will most likely say it’s the office Christmas party. Planning an annual Christmas party is no simple feat. For some, it takes months of preparation to make sure that everything goes as planned.

While there are companies that hold Christmas parties on-site, most prefer to book their year-end bash in hotels or event venues so that employees can focus on having a blast without the pressure of deadlines from work. And for the organisers, this means less potential stress because they have a team to help them with the nitty-gritty of holiday party planning.

Why Office Christmas Parties are a Good Idea

Holding an office Christmas party is not just about celebrating the holiday season. Office Christmas parties provide the perfect opportunity for a company to recognize and thank the workforce for their loyalty, good performance and contribution to the success of the company. It’s a great way to bond with colleagues and staff in a fun and relaxed setting.

What Are Some Great Christmas Party Games?

Christmas party games, naughty or nice, are a great icebreaker and can encourage guests to start mingling. Here are some Christmas party games that will test everyone’s creativity, competitive spirit and hidden talents. Make sure to have your cameras ready because some of these games are bound to produce either Ig-worthy photos or blackmail material.

Deck Your Friend/Co-worker

Form teams with 3-5 members, leaving one member as the judge and another as the “tree”. The rest of the team members will be provided with a variety of Christmas decorations like stars, tinsel and garlands. They will use these to deck out their “tree” as creatively as they can. At the end of two minutes, the judges will decide which team does the best job.

Jingle Bell Shake

Gather as many players as you can for this game. You would need used tissue boxes, jingle bells and rope. Poke holes on either side of the tissue box and weave a rope through it so it acts as a belt. Tie the tissue box around the player’s backside and fill the box with 10 jingle bells. As the music starts, players will be asked to dance out as many balls from the box as they can within one minute.

Gift Wrapping Challenge

How well and fast can your friends or colleagues wrap a gift? With one hand? Form groups of 3 to 5 members per team. The fastest team to complete the task wins.

Christmas Name That Tune

Two groups of 5 members each battle it out on this classic game. You need to prepare a Christmas playlist before the party for this game. Play a Christmas song from the playlist and teams will try to guess the title of the song and artist. A team scores two points if they guess both the song and artist correctly. Points may be split if one team guesses the song and the other team guesses the artist. The team with the most points at the end of the playlist wins.

What Kind of Menu is Good for a Christmas Party?

An awesome Christmas party isn’t complete without great food. But first, you must decide if you want food and drinks to be served cocktail style or have a sit-down menu. Food staples in any holiday feast should include turkey with stuffing, ham and cheese, salmon, roast beef or ham. Also, add vegetarian and vegan options on the table.

Don’t forget to include holiday-themed desserts and refreshments. And of course, Christmas parties won’t be fun without booze, but make sure to narrow down your booze selection or consider closing the bar early to keep intoxication levels down and limit the risk of employees getting too rowdy.

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When is the Best Time to Have a Christmas Party?

Christmas parties are often held two or three weeks before Christmas Day. This is because some guests may already have vacations planned for the Christmas break and won’t be able to attend the party.

If you’re planning to rent out a venue for your office Christmas party, it is recommended to book earlier in the year so you can close your preferred date.

Why Choose Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley for Christmas Parties?

Endless merry-making awaits you in one of Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley’s exclusive venues. Choose from a variety of event packages available and celebrate the holiday spirit exactly the way you want it.

Family Gathering Venue

Most family reunions are typically held at home. But, as years and decades pass by, family members are looking into how they can break the monotony. While celebrating family reunions at home provides a casual, laid-back atmosphere, many families are now opting for more lavish gatherings. Some would go for a camping trip, a multi-day cruise or a weekend in a luxurious hotel or resort.

Why are Family Gatherings Important?

The purpose of a family reunion is unique to each family. It may be an established routine celebrated annually or every five years or a way to celebrate a major family milestone. But, no matter the purpose or reason, family gatherings provide the opportunity to reconnect, catch up, introduce new members to the family and create new memories.

How to Plan a Family Gathering

Planning a family gathering can be an intimidating task. It takes a lot of organisation, time, patience and communication to finally get together people who have not seen each other for a long time in one place. Here’s a simple guide that you can follow when planning a family reunion.

people gathered having fun

1. Start planning early

Just like any event, planning a family reunion isn’t something you can do at the last minute. Before you begin, you may consult with other family members if they have any preferred date or location.

It is best to plan a year early, especially if you want to have the reunion outside your home. This way you can book tickets early or negotiate better hotel rates. Calling airlines, hotels, restaurants, and other suppliers in advance will also help you come up with an estimated budget for the event.

2. Communication is key

You may be leading the charge, but it doesn’t mean you should plan alone. Delegate some tasks to other family members and check on them once in a while to see how they are doing. To make communication easier, you can create a chat group to discuss activities and keep everyone in the loop.

3. Discuss the date and budget

Again, you might be in charge of party planning, but it doesn’t mean that you should foot the bill. Once you have gathered all the information you need about cost implications, it’s time to discuss it with the rest of the family. Some vendors would ask for a deposit, so it is important to raise funds early for you to close your preferred date.

4. Send out invitations

Once you’ve made reservations, the next thing to do is to send out invitations to family members you would like to invite. You can wait for about two weeks before calling them to confirm their attendance.

5. Finalise the details

You can start planning on the activities that you want to include such as games and other entertainment. If you’re staying at a hotel, check out nearby attractions which you can visit with family members.

What Are Some Good Themes for a Family Reunion?

Incorporating a theme into your family gathering will make the celebration more fun and unique each time you meet. Themes may be based on shared interests. Say, if there are many athletes in the family, you can opt for an Olympics-themed party. If your family loves the beach, you can go for a luau or Hawaiian-themed party.

If your reunion falls on a particular season, the theme can be based on the colours or holidays falling on that season. Other themes that you may want to consider include heroes and villains, favourite cartoon characters, revisiting your roots, rock and roll or western.

How Long Should a Family Gathering Last?

How long family gatherings last depends on your budget and the schedule of the attending family members. It will also depend on the activities that you agree to do once you all meet. However, since there is an ongoing pandemic, you may need to check with local authorities on travel restrictions and safety guidelines, so you and your family can have a safe holiday.

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How to Tell Family You Will be Staying at a Hotel

It is important to let your family know that you plan to stay at a hotel at the early stage of party planning. This will enable other family members to save up and arrange their schedule, should they opt to stay in the same hotel or a place nearby.

Why Choose Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley for a Family Gathering?

Book your next family gathering at Crowne Valley Hunter Valley. With family-friendly facilities, state-of-the-art function rooms, world-class attractions, delectable food offerings and stunning views of the wine region, your stay will be one that your whole family will never forget.

Intimate Weddings Venue

One of the best things about having an intimate wedding is that you can spend more quality time with the people who matter most to you. Plus, being surrounded by close friends and relatives instead of acquaintances will make your wedding feel more like a close-knit affair rather than a grand production.

If you have a small number of guests, you are also able to save money or allocate the savings to pampering your guests with a more lavish menu or booking your honeymoon at your dream location.

Bottom line is, opting for an intimate wedding allows you to focus on quality over quantity without going over-budget.

How to Plan an Intimate Wedding in the Hunter Valley?

Planning an intimate wedding in the Hunter Valley starts with coming up with your guest list. While there is no magic number, a guest list fewer than 50 is considered a small wedding. Once you’ve agreed on a number, you can start listing down the names of the people who you want to invite. When you have your guest list edited down, it is easier to decide how much you will allocate per head and set your budget for the whole event.

Once you’ve finalized your guest list and budget, you can now scout for wedding venues. When looking for a wedding location, keep in mind that the venue should complement the size of your wedding party.

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How to Theme an Intimate Wedding?

White, alternative, rustic, nautical, vintage – these are just some of the wedding themes you may have run into while attending weddings and browsing the internet or bridal magazines for inspiration.

You can always opt for the classic wedding theme but having an intimate wedding will allow you to get more creative with your choice of theme. To help you decide, here are some factors that you may want to look into:

1. Venue

Not all themes will work in all venues. The last thing you want to happen is for your wedding venue to clash with your preferred theme. Typically, wedding venues such as hotels offer themes that you can choose from along with their packages. All you need is to pick which one you like most.

2. Colours

You can incorporate your favourite colours for the wedding theme. If you don’t have a favourite, you can go through your wardrobe and see which colours you have the most. You can also explore different colour combinations and decide which ones catch your eye.

3. Season

Planning an outdoor wedding? Let the season be your inspiration. While no one’s stopping you from having a garden wedding in winter, such can easily lose charm in the chilly outdoor temperature.

How many People can Attend a Wedding During COVID-19?

The COVID19 pandemic has resulted in many couples postponing their wedding date to prevent the spread of the virus. The good news is, couples can now celebrate intimate weddings, but with restrictions to follow.

In New South Wales, safety protocols allow one guest per 4 square metres. This excludes the couple and those involved in conducting the wedding service.

Hunter Valley Wedding Ceremony Venue

Why Choose Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley for your Wedding?

Whether you want to exchange vows with the spectacular view of nature as your backdrop or have an intimate ceremony in an elegant indoor setting, Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley is your natural ally. With fully inclusive wedding packages, an outstanding team of wedding coordinators and a wide range of resort facilities, Crowne Hunter Valley will make all your wedding dreams come true.

Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley Venues & Accommodation

Located in the heart of the wine region, Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley offers function rooms which will cater to your needs while ensuring you and your attendees are Covid19-safe and protected. With world-class amenities, unmatched customer service and magnificent sceneries, your stay at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley is one that you and your family, friends and colleagues will cherish and remember forever.

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