As part of the Hunter Valley Wine & Food Festival, Redsalt Restaurant has brought back the Heroes of the Hunter degustation. We interviewed Redsalt’s Executive Chef, James Ashton, to get his interpretation of what a degustation is and his philosophy behind the Heroes of the Hunter menu.

What is a degustation?

A degustation is a multi-course meal, typically in small portions which allows dining guests the ability to sample a wide array of a chef’s signature dishes. Degustations are arguably the height of cuisine as they encourage thoughtful eating through appreciation of the various tastes, textures and scents within food. In Australia it’s also often a synthesis of culinary meets art, where chefs are not just cooking but creating and continuously challenging the boundaries of the everyday kitchen.

The Inspiration

We’re extremely blessed to be part of a region where quality produce is in abundance and inspiration aplenty. Our menus hinge on the seasonality of produce, chefs in this region like James are able to work closely with suppliers to determine what is best. The result of this is often dishes that are bursting with freshness and flavour for our guests while also supporting our local farmers.


We’re incredibly proud of our Heroes of the Hunter menu as it truly embodies the spirit of the Hunter Valley. For the full experience, check out our Heroes of the Hunter accommodation package which comes with an overnight stay.

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