The Hunter Valley is a stunning destination, close enough to Sydney for weekend trips and popular among travellers as well. Its growing popularity among discerning travellers has resulted in an explosion of trendy eateries all across the valley. That’s why you’ll find everything from tiny cafes to award-winning restaurants, all within reach of wineries and sweeping landscapes. 

So here are our top picks of the best restaurants in the Hunter Valley. 

enjoy some of the best restaurants in the hunter valley will your closest friends

Redsalt Restaurant 

Located in the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, award-winning Redsalt Restaurant prides itself on sourcing the freshest ingredients from local producers. And it is all part of the restaurant’s commitment to sustainable dining that supports local farmers. This is what makes Redsalt one of the best restaurants in the Hunter Valley. 

Redsalt is open seven days for breakfast and dinner offering beautiful views for you to overlook while enjoying your exquisite local food. It’s famous for its premium grills, extensive, locally sourced wine list, and notably the best buffet breakfast in the region. 

Margan Restaurant 

You’ll find the Margan restaurant on every list of the best restaurants in the Hunter Valley. Located just 25 minutes from the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, this award-winning restaurant is known for its ‘estate grown, estate made’ philosophy. The menu changes regularly to fit what can be harvested seasonally from the local area as well as the property’s garden and orchard. It features delectable specialties like Margan family lamb, Kingfish, local olives, and house-baked bread. 

This homegrown ethos extends to the wines on offer as well. The restaurant offers a selection of Margan wines as well as favourites from around the region, all sourced from smaller vineyards that champion sustainable farming practices.  

great selection of wines at the hunter valley

Lovedale Bistro 

If you’re looking for somewhere to sit with a drink in hand, staring out at a picturesque view, then you should spend some time in the Lovedale Bistro. Famous for its relaxed, social atmosphere, the bistro has an alfresco dining area and beer garden that offer sunset views over the Brokenback Mountain Range. 

This is the type of restaurant you want to enjoy with a few good friends while you taste the delectable meal options and sip on award-winning wines from local vineyards. If you’ve had enough wine, then try some of the award winning Sydney Brewery beers on tap or one of the bistro’s famous espresso martinis for a delicious and exhilarating thrill. 

Restaurant Botanica 

Just under 20 minutes away from the Crowne Plaza, the Restaurant Botanica is secreted at Spicers Vineyards Estate among the gumtrees and grapevines. The award-winning restaurant appeals to both casual diners and those looking for that five star experience, serving locally sourced products. It also boasts an extensive wine list to satisfy any wine lover. 

Open for lunch and dinner, Restaurant Botanica’s most popular offering is the aptly named Du Jour menu and features the chef’s specials paired with matching wines. With its delicious, seasonal dishes served in the restaurant’s cosy interior and set against stunning surroundings, this place is truly up there with the best restaurants in the Hunter Valley. 

locally grown hunter valley produce.

Vista Lounge 

The Vista Lounge deserves to be on any good list of top restaurants in the Hunter Valley. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of wine and rugged Australian scenery, and it offers the ideal mix of hand-crafted drinks and bar food to keep any appetite appeased. 

The lounge has a vast range of award-winning local wines, so you can continue your exploration of the best wines that the Hunter Valley has to offer. It also provides the largest collection of whiskies in the Hunter Valley and award-winning craft beers from the Sydney Brewery. So, if you’re looking for a place to relax with a perfectly made drink and delicious bar snack, then spend some time in the Vista Lounge.  

Hunters Quarter

Just 10 minutes from the Crowne Plaza and located in the Cockfighters Ghost Vineyard, Hunters Quarter walks the line between pure elegance and relaxation. One of the best things about this restaurant is the view, which is beautiful from every seat. And when the weather is fine, you can also sit on the outdoor deck and revel in the scenery. 

Offering seasonal dishes that seem deceptively simple yet amazingly delicious, this restaurant features international cuisine with the highest quality, local produce. It takes some imagination to make food both elegant and simple – a harmonious combination. 

Lovedale Cafe 

Looking for a quick snack to hold you over? The Lovedale Café has a range of snacks prepared daily by the chefs at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley. With everything from pies to soups, sandwiches, and sausage rolls, there’s something to satisfy even the pickiest appetite at this café. 

Open from 8.30 every day, you can make a quick stop at this café and grab a snack before you head out to explore the Hunter Valley. Alternatively, stop by once you’ve had your fill of the wineries and just relax in the soothing surroundings while you refuel for your next adventure. 

Leaves & Fishes 

It’s the surroundings that will first strike you when you arrive at Leaves & Fishes for your meal. Nestled inside a lush green area overlooking a pond of darting fish and lily pads, this is one of the best restaurants in the Hunter Valley for a pure atmosphere. 

The Asian-inspired flavours in this seafood-based menu are more than a match for the surroundings. Each dish boasts a simplicity and unity of flavours, topped off with an atmosphere that is both relaxing and intoxicating. Be it dine-in or takeaway, Leaves & Fishes will serve you no matter your preferences. 

The Takeaway 

There are lots of reasons to visit the Hunter Valley, but trying the local food and the wine has to be at the top of any discerning travellers list. With this list of the best restaurants in the Hunter Valley, with this guide, you won’t miss out on any excellent foodie experience while you’re in the area.